Process of Obtaining the Seal

Stage 1: Certification Request

The certification process contains two fundamental parts: the development of the self-diagnosis (SD) and the development of the commitment plan (CP). The first (SD), serves to find out what policies, plans, and actions the municipality has in favor of gender equality. The second (CP), determines what policies, plans, and actions in favor of gender equality the municipal government’s commitments will be to promote and drive for the next two years.

  • The municipality requests and accepts the proposed budget.
  • The municipality must choose the evaluating entity among the approved ones. Except for the municipalities of the First Section that will be evaluated by the Forgender Seal Association. See the list of evaluating entities.
  • The municipality receives a code to access its intranet.

Tools have been created, such as the intranet, that assists comprehension by speeding up the procedures in a quick and easy form.

For more information, download the Standard Operating Document here and contact us through the contact form. 

The municipalities of the Second and Third Sections may choose the evaluating entity from among the approved ones, as long as they accept the contractual conditions established by the entities. 

Stage 2: Self-Diagnoses Development

At this stage, the municipality must develop the self-diagnosis form (AD).

With this purpose, the municipality has to fill in the form of self-diagnosis form:

  • Of the indicators and guidelines of the self-diagnosis form
  • Of strategic or operational plans and planning available to the municipality in policies of equality or social action policies.

The AD form has questions that respond to the development of national and international regulations. The questions, which we have called requirements and criteria, have indicators that help to unfold how equality policies are applied and developed.

The self-diagnosis report determines the progress of the municipality in favor of gender equality; if it has leadership and political will if the municipal government has prioritized in its program of government policies for the rights of women, and if it has implemented methodological strategies to incorporate a gender perspective in all municipal policies and actions.

Evaluation of the Form 

The self-diagnosis form will be evaluated by the evaluation entity chosen by the municipality within the entities accredited by the system.

The evaluation report has two parts:

  1. Checking the requirements that are necessary to move to Stage 3.
  2. A report which will collect the warnings, recommendations, and strengths that the municipality should take into account for the elaboration of the Plan of commitments of Stage 3.

Stage 3: Commitment Development Plan

The Plan of Commitments facilitated through the intranet of the municipality includes the planning criteria and the indicators of compliance that will validate the level of commitment assumed by the municipality. Therefore, the administration will have to respond to the action established by each criterion and determine what commitment it wants to take. 

Documents required to complete the commitments Plan:

  • The self-diagnosis evaluation report
  • The strategic or operational plans and planning available to the municipality in policies of equality or social action.

Evaluation of the Plan of Commitments 

The Plan of Commitments evaluated by the evaluation entity must be consistent with the evaluation report of the self-diagnosis and obtain a minimum score, which determines the level reached by the municipality: INITIAL, ADVANCED, or LEADER.

Stage 4: Granting and Certifcation of the Seal

Based on the evaluation report of the commitment Plan, the FORGENDER SEAL Association performs its technical review and proceeds to grant the SG CITY 50-50 Gender Equality badge. 

Three levels of certification are established based on the score obtained:

  1. STARTER LEVEL when it has achieved from 60 to 80% of the total points.
  2. ADVANCED LEVEL, when it has achieved from 81-90% of the total points.
  3. LEADER LEVEL, when it has achieved from 90-100% of the total points.

Awarded the  Distinction for Gender Equality, the period of execution of the Commitment Plan is opened.